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Aerial: Create New Project Using Archetype

Aerial: Create New Project Using Archetype

Since 0.0.5 version Aerial has an ability to generate Java projects from archetypes to get sample working project quickly. In this post I'll describe the steps for doing this.


The entire list of Aerial archetypes can be found here. In this post I'll use erial-cucumber-junit-archetype archetype but other archetypes are used in the same manner. Also, I'll use Eclipse as an IDE but other similar systems operate in the same fashion. So, mainly project generation goes through the following steps:

  • Creating new maven project
  • Selecting archetype
  • Make archetype settings
  • Trigger generation and view generated project

Creating New Maven Project

Right-click on left panel and select New > Project:

From the list of available project types select Maven Project:
On the next dialog make sure Create Simple Project check box is unchecked:
Then click on Next button.

Selecting Archetype

Find the archetype in the list of available archetypes like it is shown on the below picture:

Then click on Next button.

Make Archetype Settings

In the Maven Archetype Parameters form you can customize parameters. Mainly you should fill groupId, artifactId, package and some additional parameters similar to the ones shown in the below picture:

Then click on Finish button.

View Generated Project Structure

After that the project will be generated. You would be able to see the structure like this:

Related Demo Video

The above steps with more detailed explanations can be found on video demo:

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