Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sirius: half year milestone retrospective

6 month ago I've started working on the Sirius project. A lot of things were done since that time, a lot of things were discovered and a lot of things were changed. In general, a lot of work has been done and more work has to be done. So, the aim of this post is just to make some summary of the work being done so far and further directions definition.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Java: JBehave integration with GitHub

During BDD engines comparison and comparing with Cucumber I've found out really serious advantage of JBehave in comparison to other similar engines. It's the ability to read data from external sources different from text files in specific locations as well as the ability to customize that. And I made some sample JBehave integration with JIRA. I did that because I had a plans for Sirius platform to store all tests in JIRA and read them from that location. Well, that link is still useful for projects which use JIRA as tracking system.

But for my project it still doesn't work as I need a shared JIRA instance so I can read tests from there. I don't have it yet... and then I found I don't need that, actually. Since I store Sirius project on GitHub it would be reasonable to share test related resources on GitHub as well. But it's not just about sharing but reading. Actually, GitHub contains it's own tracker. So, in this article I'll describe how to read JBehave scenarios stored as the tickets in the GitHub issue tracker.