Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sirius: now in Maven

Sirius library is distributed as the binary archive however the client part is also available from NuGet (for C# modules) and RubyGems (for Ruby modules). All those actions were implemented in the Release process which had the only thing missing. It is publishing to Maven repository. Untill now. But recently I've adjusted Maven communication and Java client modules are valiable there and can be found by the following query.

So, since now Sirius Java modules can be included as Maven dependencies using constructions in POM.xml file like:


P.S.: these are the first versions of the Java components published to Maven repository so they may contain some extra artifacts or may work with some errors. Nevertheless, now these modules are shared and visible to the world

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

JBehave vs Cucumber JVM comparison

The interest in BDD approach is growing and the more and more different engines appear in that space. However, there're some well known players in that area. We can compare their features however the final choice is still based on the technology used. E.g. if we compare Behat and SpecFlow we definitely can find some gaps and advantages but if we're going to use e.g. C# the Behat is not a subject of interest here. And vice versa.

The more interesting case is when 2 or more engine appear in the same technological area. And it's twice more interesting when these are one of the most popular engines on one of the most popular technology. In this post we'll compare JBehave vs Cucumber against their applicability for Java test automation. We compare them using the same scale as for BDD Engines Comparison post with some additional detalization on features. Additionally, I'd like to mention that we should compare apples to apples so there's no need to dig the Ruby implementation of Cucumber. It's interesting to check the Cucumber Java capabilities against JBehave to make comparison more or less valuable.

All right, we have JBehave, we have Cucumber, so ...


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sirius: adding Web client API

We've done some work for Web core functionality. To make the work complete the client API should be added in the same fashion as for Win32 library. At the end of current development there should be an example how to interact with web using Web client.

The following topics will be covered here:

  • General Web client architecture
  • Web client proxy updates
  • Web client class library implementation

Monday, 11 March 2013

Web test tools list


In this post I'll collect the information about existing web test automation tools (both from vendors and open source). It is represented as the catalogue with basic information rather that some comparison characteristics.

The content of this post will be appended/updated from time to time to reflect the most recent changes. Also, some information may be not very precise as it is not so widely accessible. So, any comments related to information corrections are welcome

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sirius: adding Web core functionality

A lot of work were done for Win32 stuff starting from initial core functionality preparation and up to basic operations implementations as well as handling parent/child windows and user input. So, now we can work with Win32 (not in full extand but at least for base operations). One of the further expansion direction is the coverage of the Web functionality. That's the completely new area for Sirius Test Automation Platform and in this post I'll describe the core part creation which mainly affect server side.