Sunday, 27 October 2013

GitHub: integrating project into entire GitHub infrastructure

GitHub provides quite good set of toolsets which can be used to support full development cycle and prepare infrastructure to all necessary output artifacts. Recently, I've described samples how to provide integration with GitHub issue tracker and to wrap it with Maven plugin. So, actually, I have dedicated Maven plugin project which I can use as a separate project. In order to make it as much self-contained as it's needed we should:

  1. Set up new project in the GitHub which includes:
    1. New repository setup
    2. Build script preparation
    3. Release settings
  2. Prepare project documentation generation
  3. Integration with CI
So, at the end, all we have to do is to work with our IDE on adding new code or making some changes to existing modules. Everything else is supported by GitHub infrastructure as soon as we push our changes into remote repository.

Not bad at the beginning. So, let's get started.