Monday, 23 September 2013

GitHub: test tracking via Maven plugin

Recently we've organized integration with GitHub by retrieving issues content into the files. All this was done in a form of command line utility. In this post I'll extend the functionality to use this solution as Maven plugin.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

GitHub: organizing and automating test tracking with Java

GitHub provides some tracker where we can keep our tasks. The GitHub API provides the ability to access that resources programmatically. Thus, with the help of API I could integrate JBehave and GitHub so that I can run JBehave tests stored in GitHub tracker. But it's not the only case.

With the help of API I can set the correspondence between tests and features. This gives the ability to make the traceability of tests and features they're applied for. Also, what if we use something different from JBehave, e.g. Cucumber, Sprecflow which use flat files for input? In this article I'll describe how to:

  • Organize tests with GitHub tracker
  • Automatically generate traceability matrix
  • Automatically generate feature files based on the content of the test issues