Sunday, 13 September 2015

Test Automation Best Practices

Test Automation Best Practices


Test automation is not brand new thing. Even more, it's pretty known and quite old part of entire software development process. Thus, a lot of people have good and bad experience with it. As the result, there is some common set of best practices which were formulated in different ways. Different people concentrate on different aspects of test automation. Some of them are concentrating on technical parts while others pay more attention to higher level things. As always, the truth is somewhere in between.

So, what are the best practices in test automation?

For this post I've collected several posts/articles covering this topic (the list of them can be found at the References section of this post) and I'll try to combine them into one common list of practices. Mainly I'll contentrate on the top most UI level automation, however, a lot of practices are fully applicable to any level of automated testing.