Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sirius: half year milestone retrospective

6 month ago I've started working on the Sirius project. A lot of things were done since that time, a lot of things were discovered and a lot of things were changed. In general, a lot of work has been done and more work has to be done. So, the aim of this post is just to make some summary of the work being done so far and further directions definition.

What was done

During all this time the following things were done:

  • Core engine was developped and genereal concept was created and stabilized
  • Modules for Win32 and Web controls support were added
  • The client side was migrated to Java, Ruby and C#
  • All the components are delivered as an independent packages (for Maven, NuGet and Rubygems)
  • Entire build process and foundation for testing was created

What wasn't done

Despite a lot of success there're some things which were planned but not done yet. They are:

  • Most of the functionality is still rather draft than some complete functionality as the first goal was to provide the functional coverage
  • Despite fully automated process was created it still requires user interaction as some modules require specific user account to publish packages to remote locations
  • Documentation is still weak. This blog contains the development process description however more real life examples are needed
  • Only 3 programming languages are now supported however by design there shouldn't be any restrictions

What's needed to be done

  • Expand functional coverage for existing libraries as well as add new functionality to cover such areas as .NET, mobile applications
  • Expand the range of supported programming languages. The entire library should additionally ported into Python, Scala and some other languages
  • Share the entire infrastructure as much as possible so that each build can be done online
  • Add more detailed testing so that all the time the build succeed it delivers some portion of ready to use product


    Actually, there're a lot of things to do. Generally speaking that list would never end. But anyway, I've started from nothing (only with the idea) and now there's some basis. So, I should expand it with more new features. What would that be? Who knows. Let's see in another 6 months

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